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Food for Thought
Heart to Heart
The Circle of Life
Free flowing
Nurtured from the beginning
Valued from the start
Embracing uniqueness
Being remembered
Defining your own story
Loving right where you are
Hearing "I see you and I am here"
Living Authentically
Sharing Joy
Peace of mind
Laughing with Life
"To infinity & beyond" Buzz Lightyear
At the heart of it all
Supporting families on the frontline
Being in tuned
Breathe. Think. Hope. Enjoy.
Can I tell you something?
It's okay
Living in AWE
Safe place to be heard
Wisdom. Sharing the wealth.
Taking it all in
In the moment
Freedom to Create
Follow the Sun

For every child within at every age


Abound Health & Wholeness Services, LLC. 2020

With the knowledge offered by the research findings and professional training and education, we walk alongside clients, 1-on-1 or group coaching programs as they navigate their healing & strengthening journey through a trauma trained lens. 


The Wellness Continuum illustrated indicates how our coaching integrates into the process of achieving wellness. Trauma Recovery & Health Coaching can be activated throughout the journey.


We do not however provide direct medical treatment or therapy.


We work as part of the integrative team and can partner with and/or support each part of your team.


It is a peer-to-peer, client led coaching approach that educates the client on neurobiological, physical, mental and emotional effects of trauma while  providing support with the development of recovery & coping strategies.


Your safety, health & healing is the #1-1,00th priority 

Safe, non-judgmental support

Whole-person approach

Client-led & paced sessions

Flexible Virtual Scheduling


Client-centered process

Personalized guidance & goal setting

Education & Awareness

Life-integration Strategies

Packages available

Evidence Based Approaches

Professional Certified Coaches with personal life experience


Live in AWE


Abound Within



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