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Onawa Miller, CHC, CTRC, BCS

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You may find me dancing anywhere at any given time!

It's my thing.

Here's to the Power in Movement!

My Method

My approach leads clients through the process of discovery and development whether teaching seminars, consulting organizations, leading movement programs, or coaching. With encouragement and education, clients can come to a place of empowerment to be in control of their health and wholeness by participating in formulating their own plan of action in a safe, secure and non-judgmental space across the 8 Dimensions of Wellness. Working through tucked away emotional pain that manifests in other dimensions of wellness, my clients create strategies to reach highest level of self delivered through these coaching approaches:


My Measure

Culminating both academic knowledge with studies at Virginia Tech (Human Nutrition, Food & Exercise), Arizona State University (Exercise Science & Physical Education) and Virginia Western Community College (Human Service-Mental Health) with experience as an athletic trainer, director of health and wellness programs coast to coast, health and trauma recovery coach adds to the vast knowledge and compassion to see others grow towards optimal health and wholeness. 

Current certifications are highlighted below. 

My Map

As a survivor of childhood sexual trauma, enduring Lupus since the age of 12, and four miscarriages, I compassionately approach health and trauma recovery coaching with great sensitivity and understanding. Recovering from the impacts of trauma, I combine my personal experience and triumphs with education, multi-cultural awareness, and over 25 years professional experience in the health & wellness industry to help guide others into living whole, healthy and unhindered lives - mind, body and soul.


My Message



Certifications & Endorsements



Youth & Adult Curricula Instructor


Certified Health Coach

Behavior Change Specialist

Therapeutic Exercise Specialist

Youth Fitness Specialist

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Partners in Good Health & Wellness

in Indian Country 

Endorsements Earned:

Foot Health Counseling & Education

Blood Pressure Counseling & Education

Blood Glucose Counseling & Education

Depression Screening

Weight Management Counseling

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