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About Abound

Mission Statement: Abound Health & Wholeness Services, LLC exists to provide, through a trauma-trained lens, relevant and effective coaching, consulting, and advocacy services to individuals, groups, and businesses to reduce the impact and prevalence of trauma and enhance the prevention and healing process. 

We deliver health & wellness consulting, coaching, and advocacy to federal, state, and local municipalities, as well as corporations, organizations, and individuals. We bring tailored, evidence-based, client-centered, integrated approaches to best serve our clients' needs presented through a virtual platform to reduce the workflow interruption and without having to add extensive technology programming.


Our ultimate goal is to deliver services to effectively enhance the quality of life of our clients in such a way that it improves interpersonal relationships, individual health, and creates an atmosphere for increased productivity across environments.

Abound Health & Wholeness Services, LLC is a 100% Native & Woman-Owned Small Business. Access our Capability Statement here:

Trauma-informed Approach asks:

"What happened to you?" and "What's strong with you?" vs "What's wrong with you?"

According to findings of a 1998 CDC/Kaiser-Permanente weight loss study, 75% of chronic disease is related to trauma endured from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).  This spawned much research on the correlation between ACEs and the long term individual, family, community and societal impacts and the concept of trauma-informed approaches is becoming more widely implemented across industries and human services. 


Working on Childhood Obesity Prevention with Southwest First Nation Tribal Communities and at-risk education programs in urban communities, our founder, Onawa Miller, took hold of the deep impact of this knowledge and integrates the trauma-trained approach into all of our work. 

What does it mean to ABOUND?

Definition of abound (Merriam-Webster)

intransitive verb

1: to be present in large numbers or in great quantity : to be prevalent 

2: to be copiously supplied —used with in or with

Our Application

Interpreting, integrating and applying this definition, we say this:

To abound means to show up & be present in life with more than enough and to acknowledge that we are already supplied with everything we need. 

We utilize a WholeSum Approach. Instead of compartmentalizing life, one's reflection of health is viewed with a whole pie perspective. Approaching life through 8 Dimensions of Wellness: Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Social, Environmental, Intellectual, Occupational and Financial allows a view that reveals the interconnection and impact of the entire order and functionality of life.

We deliver of our services utilizing practical and informative tools to that allow clients to


Trauma Recovery & Health Coaches

Walk beside you through the healing and recovery process and recognize that individuals are the expert for his/her/their life. 


Provides a safe, non-judgmental space to explore, unpack, and create opportunities to connect, discover, and transform.

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